Taipei: Open UP Global Summit 2019

The Open Design team has been accepted and invited to the excellent Open UP Global Summit in Taipei, Taiwan November 30th to December 01st 2019 to deliver a workshop.

Open UP summit is the first interdisciplinary conference focused on open source projects and products in Asia-Pacific, aiming to provide you a unique conference experience by integrating global resources and developing open source products with a guided and enjoyable process.

Open Design Team will be running a talk and demo of Open Design and then running a split workshop across two days on ‘Open Design Workshop for Humanitarian Challenge’ where attendees will get started with contributing design to OSS with TenFour, the crisis communication tool from Ushahidi.

Open Design is a project-based approach to including Design in the creation of Open Source Software that makes a meaningful impact in the world. It is led by led by Ushahidi, in partnership with Designit and Adobe.

The workshop will be focused on TenFour issues relating to Cyclone & Typhoon preparation and response.

  • Issue 225: Chained Check-ins as task lists for volunteers helping post-disaster.
  • Issue 215: Create a location-based group when someone add a location on their profile.
  • Issue 130: Create and manage sub-groups within TenFour.
  • Issue 224: Understand and see what skills volunteers in a specific TenFour organisation have in a crisis scenario.
  • Issue 112: Check-ins and messages should have “severity” levels.

In keeping to the Open Design methodology, the workshop will also include witnesses: people that have direct experience of the humanitarian challenge (in this case the Typhoons, Cyclones and the resulting effect on the people and country). Before the event, participants will receive a packet providing links to the TenFour/OSS sticker sheet, activities like Empathy maps, storyboards, Inspiration boards, and other relevant information.

The workshop is targeted at Designers and UXers at all levels, including researchers, visual designers, UI designers, graphics designers, Interaction designers, product managers, coordinators and more.

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