Design for good is opening up. helping people. working together.

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Design should be open for all.

A project to create accessible processes for designers to collaborate and contribute to humanitarian open source software.

Designers want to tackle big societal problems and improve the human condition. We know this because we’ve seen it. Heard it. Discussed it and felt the need for Open Design across continents.

But when it comes to open source software (OSS), Designers often don’t know what they can do to contribute and how to do it.

Open Design wants to achieve this through co-creation, where the outcome is designed by the community in a collaborative, multidisciplinary way that engages designers from all over the world both online and at live hackathon type events.

You can join the Open Design slack here.

You can contact us via twitter @Opendesignis and facebook @opendesignis

Open Design principles.

Open Design embraces X centred design. Where X = the most critical factor of the project. This could be ‘Human-centred design’, ‘Environment centred design’ or ‘Democracy centred design’

Open Design amplifies attitudes, methods, tools that are geared towards collaboration instead of competition, as well as a learning-based, mentoring approach.

Open Design encourages inclusion, low participation thresholds, and peer governance (free and communal validation of quality) thereby avoiding contributor burnout and design by committee.

Open Design is a multidisciplinary, intersectional and inclusive space.

Open Design advocates for transparency, accountability, and flexibility.